Bond Gallery Cape Town was the first Licensee office under the Bond Gallery brand to open in the Western Cape in 2013. The franchise is owned and managed by Etienne Nortje who has 15 years’ experience in Bond Origination and is still hands on with each and every Bond application that come across our desks.

Bond Gallery Cape Town has consistently received the award for highest conversion rate within the Bond Gallery group. This means we successfully convert more Bond applications submitted to the banks into approved grants than our peers & competitors in the market. We have always had a conversion rate higher than the industry standard, and that speaks volumes to the attention to detail, knowledge of bank products & determination to make a deal work, that we apply to each application we touch.

Client service has always been top priority, as can be seen from the many testimonials some of our satisfied clients have graciously allowed us to share.

Through living the Bond Gallery creed of Choice, Convenience & Expertise we truly add value to the home buyer when securing finance for their dream family home, next investment property or further loan to enhance their existing house.

Value of a Bond Originator to client?

  • We Pre-qualify prospective buyers to determine Affordability, Creditworthiness, Need for a Deposit, Attorney Costs, etc.
  • We explain the process to first time home buyers who find the experience daunting, and prepare them on what to expect.
  • We take the hassle out of applying for a Home loan. Supply one set of documents that is applicable to applications for all banks.
  • We multi-submit the Bond application to various banks and negotiate for the best deal the market offers.
  • We are able to improve on the original offer from their own bank by ‘playing the banks off against each other’. Even for Private banking clients.
  • Our turn around time from submission to final approval is on average 5 business days.
  • Our service is free for clients, the banks pay us.


When two people look at a piece of art one interpretation may differ to the other.
When Bond Gallery looks at ‘the art of home finance’ however, we all arrive at the same definition:
The constant pursuit of excellence within the home finance industry to offer our clients the most choice and the best service through a highly trained sales force whose passion knows no boundaries.

What We Believe In

Bond Gallery has a core set of principles and business ethics that govern our decision making processes, and of which we are consciously aware on a daily basis.

Our Vision

To develop and present our clients with a sustainable home finance solution ensuring that these key elements are in place: well-developed systems, sound business knowledge and excellent people skills.

Our Values

  • Passion for all aspects of our business
  • Credibility within the marketplace and in the eyes of our clients and business partners
  • Commitment to everyone who makes use and forms a part of the Bond Gallery brand